Teeth Whitening

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    Make your smile sparkle with teeth whitening in Thornlie

    Are your teeth stained or discoloured? The fact is that as we age, lifestyle habits such as drinking tea, coffee and wine, or smoking can lead to tooth discolouration. Occasionally, trauma, nerve degeneration, consumption of certain antibiotics such as tetracycline or excessive fluoride ingestion can also cause teeth to appear dark or stained.  

    What is tooth whitening?

    Teeth whitening is a bleaching process that lightens discolourations of tooth enamel and dentine so that the tooth is not only restored to its original colouration but even whitened beyond its natural colour.

    Here at Spencer Road Dental Care, we can identify patients who are most suitable for the teeth whitening process, as certain factors can affect the efficacy of the process:

    • Tooth chroma
    • Tooth hue
    • If there are existing fillings in the teeth being whitened
    • If there is a moderate amount of gum recession
    • If the patient has pre-existing teeth sensitivity

    All of these things can affect the degree of whitening due to the structure of the teeth, the number of whitening applications and the duration of time that the whitening system is used for.

    Custom-made, take-home whitening kits

    Usually, the kits supplied by dentists are of higher concentration and are much more effective than the take-home kits purchased from supermarkets, chemist or beauticians. 

    Because we custom-make your whitening trays that hold in the whitening gel around your teeth, it will increase the efficacy of the teeth whitening. This also stops the leakage of the whitening gel out of the trays to the adjacent gum and roots of the teeth (which can cause burning of the gum tissues and also excessive pain and sensitivity on the teeth).

    How does it work?

    Our teeth whitening kits are made here at the surgery, and the whitening is done in the comfort of your home. We take an impression of both your upper and lower teeth to get a perfect replica. From here, we pour them up into moulds and use these moulds to make your whitening trays. This is done using a machine that melts the plastic to the moulds to get an exact fit for your mouth.

    We will give you all the whitening gel and care instructions when you come in to try the trays on. You will wear the trays with the gel in them for one hour a day for 10-14 days. You will have pearly whites in no time, with an average of six shade changes over the 14 days!

    In-chair teeth whitening

    For those patients who do not have the time to use the take-home whitening, and would like quicker results, there is the convenience of in-chair whitening.

    How does it work?

    This process involves the use of a much higher concentration of whitening gel. This gel is carefully applied to isolated dental soft tissues such as the gums, cheeks and lips, with a resin-based, light curable gingival barrier.

    This cycle lasts for 15- 20 minutes, with 3-4 repeat applications, with the whole process taking up to one hour. The average shade change per patient can range from 6-8 per treatment.

    The downside of this instantaneous whitening procedure is that it is not a gentle and gradual approach to teeth whitening like the take-home whitening procedure. Due to the rapid teeth whitening and desiccation of the teeth, there is usually significant hypersensitivity associated with this procedure.

    You may still need to continue with the whitening process with a take-home whitening kit for about seven days. However, due to the quick nature of the whitening process, many patients who need their teeth whitened in a short period of time for a specific major event or function find this the most convenient process, and may tolerate the increased side effects of the in-chair procedure over the slower, more gradual take-home kit.

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